Personal and Private Aromatherapy Consultation

Meet with me in a private setting  for up to 2 hours to discuss your interests in Aromatherapy.  I will be showing you the safe and effective use of essential oils.   There will be education on essential oil safety, we will study recipes you are interested in, and review each oil you are thinking about trying.  We will then discuss how you can try your essential oil recipe (direct inhalation, linen/blanket spray, household cleaners, facial steams/steam inhalation, diffuser, stovetop, gargle/mouthwash, sitz bath/bath, shower, massage, compress, lotions/creams, sprays/spritzers, suppositories, massage stones, natural make-up, and body oils).  Next, we will discuss the use of carrier oils and how to dilute essential oils for safe use.   I will guide you through the process of making 3 products of your choice.

The products you make usually last 2-3 months. Price is 75.00 all inclusive total. PayPal link